Evaluate sites quickly. Maximize opportunity

Your time is valuable. Stop wasting it on inefficient site evaluation. Our team of architects will receive your request, format the information and supervise the AI.

1. Inform

Find a site to study anywhere. Use your current process to research site opportunities. All we need is a location, and your desired building type.

2. Request

Go to app, Request design for your site. Enter minimal details about your project in a quick form.

3. Sit back

Our architects and analysts run the algorithm and compile your design report. You will get all data by email in max 24 hours.

Testing a site? We can help

We speed up and simplify site evaluation. You don't need to learn new software. Enter project details, pick a design template and get 10 optimal design options and a data rich evaluation for each option.

Derisk. Add value.

We automate the design process so that you can gain ownership of design and make the important value driving decisions when it most matters.

A full service solution

Get complete Vision and Financials for your proposal in hours not months.

Easy to use

No hour long tutorials, no waiting for designers to submit, no going back and forward to get your vision and data, just the best fitting design at a push of a button.

Works like magic

AI predictions and genetic optimization works in the background so that user you experience a smooth predictive flow.

Find the right plan for your business

Pay per project
One feasibility report for one project
Features include:
  • 1 feasibility study
  • 1 printable report including 10 best options
  • All associated building data in g.sheets
Most Popular
Annual unlimited
Generate up to 100 feasibility reports per year
All features of Essential plus:
  • 100 projects on any site and location
  • User area to manage and review all your projects
  • Dedicated support
  • Que priority
  • One free trial projects
Custom projects
Contact us
Create a dedicated workflow around your business and site detailed needs

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